A few friendly words from our clients
James Clarke
Director of an Estate and Letting Agency
"After a period of ill health in 2016 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and early 2017 had to undergo an operation, which lead to a lot of muscle wastage and due to further medication, struggled for energy and suffered periods of chronic fatigue.

At the end of the summer I decided to speak to Paul as I was nervous as I have never been a gym member and wanted to become stronger and see if exercise could help my condition. I also wanted to benefit from Paul’s nutrition expertise. It’s now been just over 5 months and I have gone from training once a week with Paul to joining a gym and going 3-4 times a week. Through Paul’s guidance I know how to work the equipment in the gym and have a detailed program of training.  

Now I look forward to training and feel stronger than ever. Thank you Paul."
Tim Marrow
Owner/ Director Tamar HR
Paul is a trainer whose skill is in enabling those he works with to make genuine long-term changes in fitness levels, nutrition and lifestyle.  His knowledge base and experience is such that he can tailor his approach to a client’s personality and wider lifestyle.  He also builds up your own knowledge and understanding so that the results are effective and sustained.

I was struggling with inconsistent energy levels whilst trying to grow a business.  I needed an approach which would give me greater resilience and ‘batteries charged’.  I wanted to find straightforward ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in my 40’s and beyond.
Mark Moody
Head of Live Marketing
I first started with Paul 6 years ago. I played rugby and was a regular gym goer. I was bored of my routine, bored of reading men’s health magazine and mostly bored with lack of progress. Paul transformed me from 83kg to 92kg increasing strength, speed, and all round fitness. 

We achieved this by Paul changing my understanding of food - and gave me the knowledge to gain muscle in a sensible approach that is sustainable. The training was varied and focussed on technique rather than weight. With improved technique came heavier lifts. Weights combined with functional circuits meant at the age of 30 I was in the best shape I had ever been. Then I suffered a serious injury and this set me back. I am now retired from rugby and my training has changed to more functional work. 

What I like most about training with Paul is his constant desire to learn and pass this on to his clients. What Paul was telling me 6 years ago has changed, that’s not to say it was wrong it is a sign of continuous improvement, this is where some other PTs let themselves down just doing the same old! 

I balance my training with work and still living life, I love a beer (or five) and love eating different foods.
Geoff Easson
Company Director
I started using Paul over 2 years ago and he has made a genuine difference to my life. He has helped me achieve my goal of losing body fat, building lean muscle and increasing overall fitness levels in a quite dramatic fashion.

Paul has and continues to give me great nutritional information to ensure my diet supports my training and weight loss goals.

Additionally I have always suffered from lower back aches and pains due to an accident some 30 years ago. Paul has shown me how to combat these pains if they occur with stretches and postures that aid in strengthening my muscles and lessoning the aches. Through Paul’s extensive knowledge and unbounding enthusiasm I am now lighter (18 Kg’s lost), fitter, leaner and almost addicted to the gym!

I may even start running!!!
I’m also a loyal client.
Sally Antrobus
University Lecturer
I first started PT sessions with Paul in 2012 following a
diagnosis with post natal depression and so a need to make changes to my life. Whilst I knew regular exercise was important for my health I was not particularly sporty, lacked confidence and although I had attended fitness classes in the past I was now in the habit of using the busyness of being a mum of three as a convenient excuse to avoid exercise.  My weekly sessions with Paul became the
catalyst I needed to start looking after myself a little more and over time I began to appreciate the benefits of regular exercise to my mental health but also as a means of getting some headspace and time to myself. I now, commit to regular fitness sessions and book them into my diary as priorities for the day.
These sessions are a combination of running and strength training, much of which I do at home with sessions Paul has written for me.

My PT sessions with Paul are always different and Paul works hard to
ensure the sessions are tailored to my particular goals. These goals have varied from running a half marathon, completing a sprint triathlon and specific strength goals – I wanted to achieve a set of 10 pull ups before I was 40 and also to be able to deadlift 1.5 times my bodyweight, both of these I achieved!

Paul has not only helped me to achieve my fitness goals but over the past five years I have been fortunate to benefit from his growing knowledge and experience on nutrition. Weight management rather than weight loss has always been my goal as
well as ensuring I set a good example and provide a balanced diet for all the family.  Paul has lots of ideas and advice to give and I enjoy our chats about food and sharing meal ideas.