Meet The Trainers

Together we have 35+ years experience

Meet The Trainers

Matthew Quick

I’m a sports massage therapist and personal trainer, but I specialise in my own techniques in fibrous massage, which is a very hand on approach…  Pun intended.

I started in the fitness in industry 16 years ago as a lifeguard and quickly work my way up the food chain to a, swimming teacher but I felt there was something missing in my career, I then become a fitness instructor which was the missing piece. I couldn’t get enough knowledge and I wanted more, so a NVQ in personal training, let me just tell you this “being a PT is one of the best jobs in the world, to help people achieve their goals and change their lives is one of the best feeling you can get”.

So obviously human nature kicked in, I wanted more!!. More knowledge and to offer a better service for my clients, this is where I found my calling, Sports massage, I absolutely love it, the range of injuries/disabilities I get to work with feeds my ever growing thirst for knowledge, the buzz I get for helping people overcome injuries/disabilities drives me to share my knowledge and skill with as many clients as I can.

I AM MATTHEW QUICK, your goals, are our goals, your injuries/disabilities are ours to improve, 


Paul Shannon

Personal Trainer

  • Favourite food - Everything but partial to a cinnamon bun
  • Favourite drink - San Miguel (in a San Miguel glass)
  • Favourite film - Top Gun
  • Dislikes - When you ask for blackcurrant and they give you apple and blackcurrant
  • Hobbies - Social Exercise
  • Favourite exercise - Skullcrusher
  • Least favourite exercise - 500m Rower
  • Interesting fact - I once slept in someone's porch after a night out! Good times

Richard Graves

Personal Trainer

  • Favourite food - Chocolate Brownie
  • Favourite drink - San Miguel (not fussed about the glass)
  • Favourite film - Bad Boys
  • Dislikes - Waiting for a table in Nandos
  • Hobbies - Live sport, movies, box sets, training
  • Favourite exercise - Pull Ups
  • Least favourite exercise - Sit Ups

Lara Orgacki

Personal Trainer

  • Favourite food - Green Thai curry
  • Favourite drink - Apple juice
  • Favourite film - Bad Boys
  • Dislikes - People that aren't punctual
  • Hobbies - Gym, open water swimming and socialising with friends
  • Favourite exercise - Boxing and power box jumps
  • Least favourite exercise - Ab roll outs
  • Interesting fact - Im an ex special Constable for Devon and Cornwall

Steve Lilley

Sport Therapist

  • Favourite food - Steve's pancake
  • Favourite drink - Orange and pineapple squash
  • Favourite film - Waterboy
  • Dislikes - Being injured
  • Hobbies - Training, martial arts, football, rugby, traveling
  • Favourite exercise - Squats/deadlifts
  • Least favourite exercise - Plank
  • Interesting fact -  In 2006 i produced and appeared in 6 internet fitness videos forworking with two four ymouth.